Yeah Yeah – C.KHiD ( official music video )

Rapper C.KHiD has to be one of the top artists of the YouTube generation.  His music video “Yeah Yeah” has independently found its way to over 3 million views this year.   Never pushed by a major label, people are still finding the Hip Hop song as ‘new’ because it’s not been covered on major media.    The video’s growth and popularity has been fueld by organic fan support, finding play on college radio and non-top 40 stations.

On Youtube, C.KHiD has 15,000 subscribers but its likely to see major growth in 2013.   While artists like Chief Keef and A$AP Rocky are signed to majors, such artists can not generate the same sort of user views C.KHiD can with an obviously less budget.

Watch C.KHiD “Yeah Yeah” music video on Hip Hop 2013 beneath. Download the single on ‘iTunes’ to support and join the movement.

Kreayshawn Pregnant, White Girl Mob Rap Singer Shows Baby Bump [ pics ]

White Girl Mob leader, Kreayshawn, made a ‘wild’ tweet earlier today.  A shocker for fans on Cinco De Mayo, the California rap star is confirmed pregnant.  The “Gucci Gucci” singer is ecstatic about her future.

Mother hood is bout to be my need hood! LOL!!” tweeted Kreay late Saturday night.

Who the father of the rapper’s child is, not yet announced.  It is assumed by many it’s one of  the known travel companions but it’s not sure who got the ‘Bumpin’ rapper pregnant.

Former bandmates Lil Debbie nor V-Nasty have commented on the situation.

Birdman "TapOut" ft. Future, Mack Maine, Nicki Minaj [ official video ]

Birdman finally released the “Tapout” music video today.  The ode to good sex features Future, Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, and Nicki Minaj.  According to WorldStarHipHop, the line up is the official Rich Gang.

The video features cameos from Christina Milian, Kimora Lee, and Paris Hilton.  Thought he message of the single is very ‘urban coded,’ the director gave it a classy twist.   As the rappers talk about touching ‘good pu$$y,’ people parade around a room dressed in suits and formal wear.

Watch the Birdman “Tapout” music video featuring Future, Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, & Nicki Minaj beneath on Hip Hop 2013.

Dating Tip: If The Homie & Girlfriend Act Like This, Something′s Wrong! [ video ]

So it looks like YouTube actor & internet entrepreneur Rodrick Rainey had a lot of fun creating viral video “The Girlfriend & Bros Should Not Be This Close” with model Arianna Carson & comedian Jus Jeff.  Part of a series of clips meant to aid people and their relationships, this humorous pun takes aim at guys that have girlfriends whom are way too friendly with other gents.  

As the two guys talk about going to Myrtle Beach, SC for a vacation, actress/model Arianna Carson  ( The girlfriend of jus Jeff ) cuts in.  She realizes she needs to take care of some personal hygiene before being on a beach, “I Dont know, I think I need to shave my legs.

She then puts her leg up on ‘Rod’ to get his opinion, though he’s her man’s friend.  He obliges, Rainey touches the leg to feel and give an opinion.

Ugh da dah dah dah,” says YouTube comedian JusJeffTV after seeing his girl put her leg up on ‘Rod’. Shocked the two would have such a physical interaction in front of him.

How would you react to this? Leave a comment beneath!

A hilarious skit, this should definitely not take place in a relationship, a red line has definitely been crossed.  Watch this #17 skit of the dating tips beneath on Hip Hop 2013.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Beats Robert Guerrero In 2013 Boxing Return

Floyd Mayweather Jr was successful in his triumphant, 2013 return to boxing against Robert Guerrero.  The Las Vegan champion put another blemish on the upcoming fighter’s record, remaining unbeaten himself 44-0. 

Though Mayweather wanted a knock out, his injured right hand only allowed him to finish the match with a unanimous decision by judges.  All the officials scored the boxing match in favor of ‘Money’, 117-111..

The L.A. Times reports Floyd’s defense was too great for Robert.   Money Mayweather was also too fast, leaving many Guerrero’s punches missing target.  The Latin boxer had extremely low landing percentages for jabs and power punches. 

He ran like a chicken,” said Robert’s father after the match. 

The ring announcers quickly mocked the old man with truth, “What fight was he watching?”

Floyd Mayweather landed 153 of 254 power punches thrown, a whopping 60%, to Guerrero’s 81 of 290 ( 28% ).  Mayweather also 42 of 222 jabs to ‘The Ghosts’  32 of 291. 

Floyd, The Money Team boss, was set to earn $32 million even if he lost this fight.   After winning, the purse is even higher likely.  Watch the flashy fighter’s entrance with Lil Wayne beneath on Hip Hop 2013.

Trinidad James 2012 Smash "All Gold Everything" Reaches Gold Sales

Trinidad James has a lot to be thankful for.  The Atlanta rap star who broke out heavy onto the rap scene in 2012 was invited to Tree Sounds recording studios for a ‘surprise’ celebration.  The great news was his record “All Gold Everything” officially passed gold sales ( 500,000+ records ) and he had plaque certification from the RIAA to celebrate.

The “All Gold Everything” single was the lead project from his Dont Be S.A.F.E. mixtape ( now album ).   Produced by Devon Gallaspy, the ‘beat nobody wanted’ became the talk of the industry closing out the Hip Hop 2012 year and early 2013.

The Atlanta rap scene’s top Hip Hop artists stepped in to support Trinidad Jame$ amidst heavy criticism from blogs and media.   Though remixed by many, the official revamped version of TJ’s “All Gold Everything” tune got support from T.I., Young Jeezy, and 2 Chainz.

There is still a chance Trinidad James “All Gold Everything” track can go platinum ( 1 million sales )during the 2013 year.  He’s since released single “Females Welcome” and “Southside” since the viral hit.

Leak: Lebron James is The 2012-2013 NBA Regular Season MVP

It’s been leaked via insiders that Lebron James is officially the 2012-2013 NBA regular season MVP.  To no surprise was the accomplishment achieved.   The Akron, Ohio born superstar had a stellar season.  James lead his NBA team through one of the best NBA winning streaks in history.  The record’s end was quite debatable, especially after a game-changing Taj Gibson foul was upgraded to a flagrant.

The NBA will award Lebron James the year’s MVP award on Sunday, May 5th by retiring NBA commissioner David Stern.    It will be his fourth time achieving status of the league’s Most Valuable Player.   Only a hand-full of players including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wild Chamberlain, and Michael Jordan have won so many times.

Lebron will be given the NBA’s 2012-2013 MVP trophy before the Miami Heat’s game against the Chicago Bulls or Brooklyn Nets at American Airlines Arena.



iSekc "Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Mad in 2013" [ funny video ]

Here’s a unique YouTube entertainer that’s buzzing on the viral scene.   User “iSekC,” popular on-line gamer, has had enough life experiences with women to give a few pointers apparently.  He released a new viral video clip titled “Ways to make your girlfriend mad,” to help other brothers capitalize off his mistakes.

What are these main tips?

1. Always notice your girlfriend’s new hairstyle

2.  Don’t tell your girl she looks fat or shave her mustache, ever

3.  Always have a birthday gift to give your girl!

Watch the entertaining dating tip video beneath on Hip Hop 2013!  Do you agree with the tips from iSekC ?

ATL Model Jenna Burks Mugshots Surface, She Looked Good Going To Jail

Hip Hop model Jenna Burks mugshot looks like a Covergirl ad themed after the bad girls club.  Apparently the Atlanta rap scene’s beauty queen isn’t so squeaky clean as she appears first glance.  Though we all have flaws and hers are hopefully as small as a night of partying and bad luck, this fashion/cosmetics model was arrested and booked twice outside of Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia.

In both of the Jenna Burks mugshots she keeps the smile going though!  In the picture with her hair pulled back, Jen’s only 24 years of age. She was arrested April 1st, 2011 for a DUI and speeding.  Her bond was set at $1,300. 

In the other mughsot, Burks was arrested a little under 1  year later.  On February 29th 2012 the Atlanta vixen was ordered to jail by a court judge, the reason unknown.   With the smirk in the mughsot, you can tell she was no longer afraid of what’s bend those walls. 

Does this make Jenna Burks any less of a dope girl feature to you? Leave a comment below Hip Hop 2013 readers.

Mountain Dew Drop Lil Wayne Over Emmett Till Lyrics, Millions Lost

Mountain Dew Drops Lil Wayne After Karate Chop Lyrics Confronted by family of Emmett Till

Mountain Dew Drops Lil Wayne After Karate Chop Lyrics Confronted by family of Emmett Till

It looks like Mountain Dew has joined a list of well-known brands beginning to take responsibility for what Hip Hop & entertainment content they support.   After the urging of Emmett Till’s family to drop Lil Wayne’s endorsement deal, the brand has acted. Today the parent company Pepsico dropped their association to the YMCMB rapper and issued a statement of explanation.

We do not plan any additional work with Lil Wayne moving forward. His offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand,” said a Mountain Dew brand rep to CNN.

The endorsement deal with Lil Wayne was worth multi-millions likely.  Much like Rick Ross’ cancelled Reebok endorsement deal, it’s lost over a ‘dumb’ lyrics and not in a good way.

A publicist for Young Money Records, Sarah Cunningham, issued a statement to CNN as well.  To quickly cover this and prevent further loss of brand affiliations she stated, “I can confirm that due to creative differences, we mutually decided to part ways. It was amicable.”

The entire situation was caused by Lil Wayne disrespecting the brutally lynched & slain 14-year-old African-American, Emmett Til, in Hip Hop song “Karate Chop.”  The record by Atlanta rap star Future, featured the Young Money rapper saying “Beat that p-$$y up like Emmett Till.”

To the common person, one would have enough sense to utter such disrespect but apparently Lil Wayne’s drug-ravaged mind though this would be cool.

He’s since written a letter of ‘apology’ but as the Till family points out, he never once apologized in the writing.  A known master of the pen, the move was of no mistake.  The attempt to be slick with the family synonymous with Civil Rights was quickly declined.

To worsen matters, the fake apology letter from Lil Wayne did not get issued until after the Till family made it clear they would move to pluck his endorsements away from him.  The family also encourages people to boycott his upcoming tour, since he openly disrespected someone who’s death was a sacrifice that aided the equal treatment of black, Hispanic, and Asian people in America.

Janelle Monae "QUEEN" ft. Eyrkah Badu [ official music video ]

From the good A-town comes former Big Boi signed R&B/Soul singer Janelle Monae with new “Q.U.E.E.N.” music video.  Featuring Erkyah Badu on the new  track, it’s definitely on the verge of breaking a new music scene.  As people complain Hip Hop is being taken over by Hip Hop, perhaps Janelle Monae has the answer to where ethnic music is headed.

A song that’s paying homage to women who are living as they want, “QUEEN” is obviously about owning the one precious life we  all have. In particular, Janelle is celebrating the life women have.

The new video has a very stylish and innovative direction.  Monae’s always high energy and director’s use of black and white fashions,  generate a strange effect on those watching.    Extras in the video, particular Patty Effin Mayo, add cinematic value with mute acting.

Watch the full HD quality version of Janelle Monae “QUEEN” music video,  featuring Erykah Badu beneath here.

Another New Animal Species Found In Brazil, Coendou Speratus aka Hope Porcupine

A new porcupine species was discovered by researchers in Brazil this week.  An inhabitant of the country’s isolated Northeastern Atlantic forest, it’s a great representation of how much of the world is still left unexplored and our inability to ‘know’ everything in the world.  

The new spiny species is named “Coendou speratus.”   It lives in the mid-canopy forest layer, feeding mainly on seeds.   Not a ‘flier’ or ‘jumper’ the new breed has to climb up and down trees to forage for food, unless tree branches connect.

In english and layman’s terms, the animal is also known as “Coandu-Mirim” to local Brazilians and ‘Hope Porcupine‘ to english researchers.

It’s believed the Coendou Speratus is endangered already.  Extreme deforestation threatens many regions of Brazil.  Only 4 to 5 porcupines are expected to exist per 1.5 square miles in their native region, a small area.

The region the Hope Porcupine is from, is one of most biodiversity hotspots in the world. Scientists have recorded over 260 mammal species, nearly 1,000 birds, about 460 amphibians, over 300 reptiles, and 350 freshwater fish in the local ecosystem.

See pictures of the Coendou Speratus above

Remember 2012 Rap Video "MonaLisa Lisa"? Here’s That Latina Ruth Bustillos

Remember the 2012 Rap music video “MonaLisa Lisa” by C.KHiD?  Hip Hop 2013 has found pics of another girl from the video shoot, Ruth Bustillos Varela.   A Greely/Denver-CO Latina model, her blonde hair may fool you at first but after seeingsome of her pics with dark hair, you realize just how versatile her sexy can be.

Standing 5″7 in stature, her figure is is that of a petite model.  Ms Bustillo’s definitely has great legs however, extremely womanly in her hip measurements.   With a 34B bust and 28 inch waist, her Hips measure 38 inches, which can add the ‘wow’ to any picture.

Working hard, Bustillos has been modeling for over 3 years.  Only age 21, she’s still has a wide time span in the working models world.  She will likely end up in more print publications, Hip Hop videos, and catalog works. 

Check out some of Ruth Bustillos’  pictures above.  Find more on her facebook (/MissBabyRuth)!  Leave comment below.


Hilarious! CIA Agent Ed Bassmaster, Interrogates Over Stolen Shop Carts

If you go to target and have thoughts of stealing a shopping cart, beware that CIA ( Carts Intelligence Agency) only known member Ed Bassmaster is watching.  This week the YouTuber took to the shopping store to prank customers at the entrance that he was on the lookout for people stealing carts.   In some instances, Ed went as far to tell them stories about how the carts are being piece apart & resold like cars.

A hilarious skit, watch the new viral video beneath on Hip Hop 2013.   This is the 2nd edition of Ed Bassmasters “CIA: Shopping Cards Edition” series.

Club Music For Summer 2013! Busta Rhymes "Twerk It" [ new song ]

It’s time for the Nightclub life in Summer 2013 and new Busta Rhymes song “Twerk It” is all you need to work it out.  The new bassed out single from one of New York’s hottest Hip Hop artists for nearly 20 years is sure to make a big splash.   A teaser was released earlier this week and now the full rap song is available.

Listen to the new Bussa’bus tune beneath on Hip Hop 2013.

Can you see this being a #1 joint in the club?   Leave your opinion in the comments about your feelings for the song beneath.

The hook features a producer/DJ-freaked vocal sample that repeats “twerk it” over and over.   On the verses, Busta Rhymes tunes his inner Jamaican influences for the the track.   He gives girls instructions on what to do while working the hips on the dance floor.

Play Busta Rhymes “Twerk It” beneath. A music video is surely on the way.