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Briona Mae, Social Media Model Hip Hop 2013 Readers Need To Share

CATEGORY: Dope Girls
Briona Mae takes an emotional shot in a ceramic tub

More Pictures:

Briona Mae takes an emotional shot in a ceramic tub
Briona Mae poses for a Lingerie line
Briona Mae overlooks the city of Las vegas, denim jeans ad for the future
Briona Mae, aspiring Eye Candy & Fashion model for 2013
Briona Mae instagram pic
Briana Mae candid at home, in bed
Briona Mae takes a candid at home. Her figure, as Los Rakas would say "TA LISTA!"
Sexy picture of Las Vegas Hip Hop video vixen Briona Mae

Briona Mae is a social media model Hip Hop 2013 readers need to blow up.  A girl who's chasing her dreams of being a muse by posting pics on Instagram ( @BrionaMaeee ) and other social media needs to be seen in some vixen and swimsuit photo shoot.

With a 36C cup bust,  slim waist, and lips you would be privileged to see pose on her finger tips, a few shares with friends to discuss this talent is well worth the reward.  The ability to see this aspiring Las Vegas Hip Hop model style out & be sexy in a Bikini, nightclub fashion, or lingerie.

Standing 5"6 tall, Briona Mae has an awesome ability to transform photos with her well proportioned limb structure.  She appears taller in pictures, easily providing the illusion of a 5"10 model.

View the Briona Mae pics above and then leave a comment with your rating.   Hot or Not? 


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