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Chief Keef "Now Its Ova" [ official music video hd ]

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Chief Keef licks lips during "Now Its Ova" official music video [ 2013 ]

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Chief Keef licks lips during "Now Its Ova" official music video [ 2013 ]
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Chief Keef sings his own new song, Now Its Ova
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Chief Keef released a new music video earlier this week, to celebrate his release from jail today.  The Chicago teen who's been a major success since the viral storm of "I Don't Like," put out new single "Now Its Ova," an ironic title considering his unexpected jail sentencing nearly 2 months ago.

A fitting tune for a king's return, the song starts out with Chief Keef rapping the lyrics, "I keep a big bank roll / that's all designer clothes on / last year i didn't have s--t world / now it's / keep me some hoes / a lot of hoes, yeah / last year I cuff that b--ch, now it's ova."

The ambiance of the rap song's instrumental lifts the energy within listeners spirits.  The rapper spews lyrics about the spoils of victory and his life of thugging, making anyone want to toss up GBE right along with Keef.

It's a certified hit single for the rapper who's likely now going to tour the United States and abroad, since being freed from jail.  Today March 14th marks the end of a 60 day jail setence which Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, was given for violating his probation.

The rapper's official @ChiefKeef twitter profile innundated with messages from fans that love the "Now Its Ova" music video & track.    The account manager asked all fans be patient for Keef to answer, saying only to tweet "#WelcomeHomeSosa," to get make his release a trending topic.

Watch the Chief Keef 'Now Its Ova' music video below on Hip Hop 2013.


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