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Dylan & Dakota, The Gonzalez Twins, Reason To Watch Kansas Jayhawks

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Dyl and Kota, the Gonzalez twins, show off their fit figures

More Pictures:

Dyl and Kota, the Gonzalez twins, show off their fit figures
Dylan and Dakota, Love and Basketball Dream
Kota on the basketball court
Dakota struts her new red dress

Dylan Gonzalez shows off her style on Instagram
Dakota Gonzales goes hard in the paint to the rim in High School basketball game
Dylan Gonzalez aka ′Dyl" takes a jumpshot for Highland High School Rams when playing Madison
Dylan Gonzalez demonstrates why she and Dakota could easily be fashion models
Great Day for the Gonzalez twins, after signing for the University of Kansas Jayhawks, Dyl & Kota snapped a picture
Dylan & Dakota feeling comfy at home, show off their casual wear
Dylan & Dakota Gonzalez take a bathroom pic for instagram followers

Today's Dope Girl feature is a dual win!    Every feature on Hip Hop 2013 has an alternate story that makes them dope, today's double's the dosage. 

Dylan and Dakota Gonzales are identical twin sisters. They are as tall as runway models and as beautiful as swimsuit models. Affectionatily known as 'Dyl' and 'Kota,'  the duo stand 5 feet 10 inches tall flat footed.   When wearing designer heels, a lot of guys will not see eye to eye with them on level ground, surpassing 6 feet.  

However, the thing that guys love about them most, when they talk about scoring it's them talking about one thing every man loves, basketball.  They were standout high school athletes for Highland High School in Idaho and recently all the buzz on-line as social media starlets.

Recently signed to play college basketball for  University of Kansas Jayhawks, these two are not just a run of the mill 'girly girls.'   They seem to have an affinity for fashion, yes, but they have proven they have skill & talent in a field that requires much more than beauty.   Physical fitness, good grades, & fast thinking have led Dakota and Dyl Gonzalez to become heavily recruited talents in a field a limited few get to play.

Tune back into Hip Hop 2013's Dope Girls updates as we keep fans posted on the Gonzalez twins.   Basketball highlights and more will be added to site as their talent unfolds in front of the world this NCAA season. 

If you're lucky enough to play one of these girls one on one, hopefully you live out the script of Love & Basketball...... get 'em Quincy!   Last thing, by the way, check below because Dyl and Kota can also sing.

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