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Funny Tupac Shakur Memes, "If 2pac Were Still Alive"

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Tupac Meme: Come At Me Bro

More Pictures:

Tupac Meme: Come At Me Bro
Tupac Shakur aka 2pac Memes
Tupac Shakur Meme:  Donated Millions to Children With Addict Parents, didn't brag about it
Tupac Meme: Heard About Yolo, Comes Back From The Dead
2pac Memes: What If Tupac Is Alive And I′m a Hologram
2pac Memes: If Tupac Was Still Alive, Lil Wayne Would Be Working At McDonalds Right Now
Tupac Meme: He Hasn′t Dropped Detox Yet?

2pac Shakur is gone but far from forgotten.  His legacy has lasted beyond rappers shadow that came after his death.   An incredible Hip Hop artist, fans still recreate art on-line inspired by the rapper's greatness.

If you browse some of the popular Hip Hop memes on-line, 2pac's are some of the most popular.  Tupac memes clown Lil Wayne, make people question life, and more.  Reveiw the top funny pics above and be sure to share on Tumblr/Twitter.


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