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India Westbrooks Hangs With Lil Twist, Ray of Mindless Behavior, & Kylie Jenner

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India Westbrooks behind the scenes of Lil Twists new music video with Lil Twist [ 2013 ]

More Pictures:

India Westbrooks behind the scenes of Lil Twists new music video with Lil Twist [ 2013 ]
India Westbrooks shows off her sister′s diamond MommyIsTatted Chain jewelry
India Westbrooks, Lil Twist, & Kylie Jenner ( Kortney & Kim Kardashian sister )
MommyIsTatted aka Morgan Denise Westbrooks, India Westbrooks, and Ray of Mindless Behavior [ 2013 ]
India Westbrooks gets goofy with Ray of boy-band, Mindless Behavior [ 2013 ]

It looks like India Westbrooks, the social media darling that's been taking pictures daily for a few years now, is going to debut in Hip Hop music videos soon.  According to her instagram, she was on the set of Lil Twist's latest music video, last week.  Possibly being managed by big sister, 'MommyIsTatted,' she wore a tiger pattern shirt with gold spikes boots to the shoot.

In new Instagram pictures India released, there's a few popular teen celebs the high schooler is posed up with.  Kylie Jenner, sister of Kim & Kourtney Kardashian, Lil Twist, and Ray from Mindless Behavior took time out to hop on the Westbrooks  baby-girl's Instagram.  In fact, she and Ray took a lot of pictures together actually. It was if they hung out a large portion of the day.

View the new India Westbrooks picture above.    Do you think she would be a stand out amongst Hip Hop models of today? Comment below.

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