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Morgan Westbrooks Gets 9MM Handgun Tattoo On Thigh, Shows Cakes

CATEGORY: Dope Girls
Somebody snapped a pic of Morgan Denise Westbrooks in the kitchen, cakes is popping

More Pictures:

Somebody snapped a pic of Morgan Denise Westbrooks in the kitchen, cakes is popping
MommySoTatted Puts a real handgun next to her thigh tattoo portrait
Lil Twist, Morgan Westbrooks, & Ray of Mindless Behavior
Morgan Westbrooks at an art gallery next to a preferred painting
Morgan Denise Westbrooks shows off a bit of the style, long hair waving
MommySoTattedd′s new tattoo for 2013, a 9MM handgun, wrapped in a red bandanna

Morgan Denise Westbrooks, the dope girl from Cali known as "MommySoTattedd" by most on-line is a boss chick straight outta Compton, like NWA.   She and her sisters, India and Crystal, have one of the largest followings on-line amongst a family crew blood related vixens.  Not just a pretty face though, Morgan runs her own business and gets enough money to let her long hair blow in the wind of a new Benz.

Recently, Morgan Westbrooks broke up with her long-time boyfriend.   Her first time being single in about 6 years, of course she had to do some things to entertain herself there after.   One of those events was get new tattoos. 

Representing her nickname "MommySoTattedd" to the fullest,  Morgan Denise got her thigh inked up with the portrait of a 9MM handgun, strapped on by a bandanna.    Staying true to her red Compton roots, the holster image is believed to be a red rag, representing the blood gang ( but not confirmed ).

Check the pictures up above of the Westbrooks stunner new black ink .  Follow her on twitter @MommySoTattedd to see what her latest moves and art is about.


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