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P.I. Bang "Gangsta Movie" ft. Woop [ official video ]

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Woop swings his arms like he′s carrying the stick

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Woop swings his arms like he′s carrying the stick
P.I. Bang Turns His Rebels Hat To The Back
Woop & P.I. Bang "Gangsta Movie" music video
Woop asks clerk what he said about his momma
Caskey stands next to P.I. Bang as he performs "Gangsta Movie"
P.I. Bang stands on top of custom Chevy with Suicide doors in "Gangsta Movie" rap video [ 2013 ]
Woop & PI Bang perform in front of Florida Hip Hop scene supporters & innovators [ 2013 ]

When it comes to Florida rap, one artist has held the standard high for quality and reality of content.   That rapper is P.I. Bang.  From Orlando-Tampa area, P.I.'s nailed finding an underground following through delivering music that's relateable to locals and staying connected with other Florida Hip Hop artists.  Today, he released a new music video, "Gangsta Movie" featuring Woop, again bringing a dope product to the web.

Directed by 'Legit Looks' film crew, the new P.I.Bang "Gangsta Movie" video is a movie that recounts various classic urban gangster movie scenes.  Outside of acting, the Florida rapper tagged another local act, Woop, to join in on the single and performance.   The two deliver a high impact show for the cameras, surrounded by movers and shakers of the Orlando-area Hip Hop scenes, dancing to the single.  Even newly signed YMCMB artist Caskey participated in the picture.

For the fans of cars, the video is littered with several cool custom old school cars, jeeps, and modern rides.  P.I. Bang even performs a top a lime green Chevy with suicide doors and what looks to be about 40" rims.

Watch the official P.I. Bang "Gangsta Movie" ft. Woop video below on Hip Hop 2013.  Share this Florida legend around your town.


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