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Rocko "UOENO" ft Rick Ross, Future [ new song + download free ]

Rocko & Rick Ross, UENO

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Rocko & Rick Ross, UENO
Atlanta rap musician, Rocko
Future & Rocko, Freebandz Gang [ 2013 ]

Rapper Rocko has a big 'hit' on the internet right now, You Dont Even Know It!   That's if a hit is defined by attention.   The Atlanta rap musician's single has gotten to the front of mainstream media because of a feature's highly controversial date rape lyrics.  Though in a Rick Ross interview he denies the allegations, anyone can listen above to make their judgement.

Featured on the new Rocko song are Rick Ross and Future.  "UENO" is also known as "You Aint Even Know."   The rap track talks about how people with wealth do everything in silence, while the average person does not even see what's right in front of them.

Rick Ross controversial date rape lyrics read, "Put molly all in her champagne / I took her home and I enjoyed that / she aint even know it."   Women everywhere are protesting Ross' Reebok Endorsement Deal has because of these lyrics.

Listen to the official Rocko "U.E.N.O." track above on Hip Hop 2013. Leave your thoughts and comments below.


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